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The Downbeat - 3 December 2009 - #114 - The Emmy Award Winning Edition

Guess what I got?
Guess what I got?

 So I was going to lead with Sloan's re-signing, but do you realize that Ron Boone is now an Emmy award winner?  Holy crap,

And the Emmy Award for Sporting Event/Game in the Live/Unedited category goes to ... KJZZ-TV.

The Utah Jazz broadcast team received a prestigious honor for their coverage of late Jazz owner Larry H. Miller's life, which aired the day after his death and during the New Orleans-Utah game on Feb. 21, 2009.

Emmy-winning team members include Jazz TV broadcaster Craig Bolerjack, Jazz color commentator Ron Boone, executive producer Travis Henderson, producer Joseph Krueger and editor Brad Pearson.

Now, it was a very good broadcast and covered a huge story.  But now I will have to change Boonerisms to Emmy Award Winning Boonerisms.

This is pretty big for them and well-deserved.

2_medium Sorry Sloan, you get bumped to the 2 spot today.  As you're probably all aware by now, Sloan has signed on through the 2011 season.  I expect nothing less than 3,000 words from UtesFan89 on this.

8_medium Yikes.  Just checking on stats today and found that Deron is only shooting 69.8% on his free throws.  Over the past 7 games he's just 9/19 for 47%.  That makes Shaq and Ben Wallace look like Mark Price.

Before that, he started out pretty well, shooting almost 80%.  He was at 85% last season and I know that it's something that he was working on.

It could be though that he's not getting to the line as much as he was.  In the first 9 games, he was getting almost 5 FTA a game.  Over the last 7 he's getting barely 3.  Maybe that has some to do with him playing the off guard some more.  Take out the Detroit game when he went to the stripe 7 times (only making 3), and the average is only 2.4 attempts per game. We also know that he doesn't get calls anyway when he does drive.

Either way, there's got to be a little more concentration there if he's only getting to the line a couple times a game.

4_medium  So tomorrow will be like making a trade for a fresh face.  That's right, CJ Miles will be back in full effect.  I'm hoping he picks up where he left off.  No, not tearing another ligament.  Let's hope he picks up where he was at before that game.

5_medium  Game preview coming at about 3 tonight with the game thread coming at about 6:30.  Wait, there's no game tonight?  It's not until tomorrow?  What?  Are we on a playoff schedule or what?