Defensive Flooding makes Sloan Offense Road Kill

Sloan offense is road kill

There are 3 effective ways to disrupt the Sloan offense.

1. Put a large good defensive guard on DWill

2. Change the pace to much faster or slower which kills the efficiency

3. Defensively flood the strong side


About 70% of the time the Jazz lose, one or more of the above have been used by the other team.

The Jazz can counteract 1 by playing 2 competent PGs. The Jazz need a tall, good, shooting combo guard or a competent backup PG who can play with DWill at SG.

The Jazz can counteract 2 by running the offense at the right pace instead of playing the other teams pace. This is a major reason why the Jazz tend to play to the level of their opponents. They tend to play at the weak opponents pace.  They play their pace against some good teams. Sloan, DWill and especially Price are not very good at controlling pace. If the pace is too fast the Jazz lose efficiency. If DWill is walking the ball up it is because condition 3 has happened.

This year more teams are not just packing the paint, they are flooding the strong (ball) side of the floor. That disrupts the Jazz offense. The Jazz are then forcing the ball into the strength of the defense which results in TOs and low shooting percentage. The Jazz then start jacking up outside shots because Sloan has NO designed outside offense. That usually results in fewer rebounds for the Jazz and more fast breaks for the opponent.

The Jazz could counter 3 with good ball movement and good outside shooting. However, the Jazz are designed to be a poor outside shooting team. Sloan seems to be afraid to get enough outside shooting. His offense takes a lot of energy to run. If he had enough outside shooters there might be a tendency to shoot outside instead of forcing the ball inside. As long as he does not have enough quality outside shooting his inside offense can be disrupted.  It is a catch 22 derived from Sloan's bias against getting enough outside shooting.

This new tendency to flood the strong side dooms the Jazz offense. It is being used by more teams and is most effective against inside teams with poor outside shooting (the Jazz).

The implication is that Sloan's offense is road kill unless he figures out a way to negate the strong side flood.

The Jazz do not know when Korver will be back or how good he will be. They need outside shooting worse than they need a 3rd string PG. They are cross training CJ and Brewer at PG. They are probably better than Price if they can handle the PG position.

They need a good PG who can shoot from the outside. They need to dump Price for salary.  They can use CJ and Brewer for the 3rd PG.

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