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The Downbeat - 31 December 2009 - #134 The Eve Edition

1_medium  The past couple of weeks have been crazy and haven't allowed me to watch many games, hence the lack of comments in game threads and lack of recaps.  Should be returning to normal next week.

2_medium  GMAC gets another $3.8B yesterday and Money has a better game last night?  Coincidence?  I think not.

8_medium  A win is a win is a win, but how does a 17-point lead evaporate with less that 6 minutes to go in the game?  It's cold in Minnesota, right?  Evaporation shouldn't be happening.  Maybe because there is low pressure and that's why leads have evaportated?

4_medium  Starting tonight, there's only 51 games left in the regular season.  We're really starting conference play now as 37 of those games will be against WC opponents.  The Jazz have traditionally done very well against the rest of the WC but this season they're only 8-8 so far.  Suffice to say that's going to have to get better.

5_medium The remaining ITLITTDOC is coming.