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The Downbeat - 4 December 2009 - #115 - The Green Edition

1_medium There's been such a long layoff between games that I feel like I need to do season previews or maybe at least finish the rest of them for this year.

Do you think the layoff will have an effect on the team when they were playing so well?

Also, it looks like Korver could be coming back tonight as well? That's a bit surprising.

2_medium This will of course merit a bigger post later, but since we're about a quarter of the way through the season, we have a bit of an idea as to what we might be getting with the Knicks Pick (KP).

Right now they're the third-worst team in the league record-wise with Minny and NJ (who might not win another game ever) below them.

Above them you have Philly, Golden State, Detroit, Toronto, Memphis, Indiana, New Orleans, Washington, Charlotte, and Chicago.

The question is are they going to leap any of those teams this season? What about 2 of those teams? It doesn't look likely. I guess Memphis and Charlotte have always been in the mix for the worst teams, but they've looked better than that this year.

I would safely assume that they would be in the bottom 5 at the end of the season. If you look at the odds for landing the top pick in the draft next season, it's not too bad. But even if the Jazz are in the top 3 or 5, that's not too shabby.

They're going to need suicide counselors at the draft next season as Knicks fans have to watch another team take their top pick.

8_medium Have you or are you planning on purchasing a green/yellow jersey? Poll below.

4_medium The "It's not lame, it's the 10 Days of Christmas" are coming where I list the top ten stories of the Jazz for the year. I have a list of some already, but in case you think I'm going to miss out on one that's important, email me and let me know.

5_medium The green unis are in:

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(Chen Wang - Deseret News)

And thanks to moni for finding this pic,


It looks like this may have been taken at media day when they didn't have the jerseys yet. But are they all wearing the same one? Looks like the number is the same on each one.