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The Downbeat - 7 December 2009 - #116 - The Push Off Remix Edition

1_medium  Bryon Russell will be there, but will Jordan show?  Tomorrow is the first home game of the season for the Utah Flash and the proposed date for the Jordan/Russell re-match.  Flash Owner Brandt Andersen has said he will give $100,000 to the winner's choice of charity.

From Siler's twitter update we learn that "we'll know for certain around 1 p.m. Monday "Air Jordan time" whether MJ will be showing up."  I put the odds of him showing up a little bit higher than the league calling a retroactive foul on MJ and have the game replayed from that point.

It sounds like Brandt has has significant discussions though with Jordan's people so maybe it could happen.

2_medium  I feel bad for Greg Oden.  There's just no way I would wish his injuries on anyone.  Of course, BlazersEdge is all over it.

8_medium A double-whammy for me over the weekend.  I hadn't been to an Aggie basketball game in a few years so we went over to see them take on St. Mary's from the WCC.  Well, the Gaels (yes, that's spelled correctly) ended USU's 37-game home winning streak.  That was the same night that the timber fell on the Jazz in Minnesota.  Nothing redeeming about that night other than finally being able to play GOW2.

Yes, I'm that far behind on video games.  In fact, my latest NBA2K game I have is from 06.  But you know, the Jazz never make any roster changes so it's basically the same team.

4_medium The first results of the NBA All-star voting should be out sometime this week (based on when they've done it in previous years).  So make sure to get out and vote for Deron, Boozer, Memo, and Millsap

5_medium  What are the best Christmas gifts to give/receive as a Jazz fan?  Any terrible ones you've received that are Jazz-related?