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UPDATE - Publicity stunt - Michael Jordan not in Orem to take on Bryon Russell


I just spoke with a manager at Mimi's and she said Michael Jordan was not in their restaurant this morning.  It was a lookalike.  She also stated that it was put on as a publicity stunt by the Utah Flash.

The Youtube user account looks like it was just created today and that video was the only one there.


The Daily Herald is reporting that Michael Jordan was seen at Mimi's Cafe in Orem today,

Michael Jordan is reportedly in Orem today to take on Bryon Russell in a 1-on-1 challenge during half-time of the Utah Flash home opener against the Dakota Wizards.

Russell challenged Jordan to a game of 1-on-1 after remarks that Jordan made about Russell during his hall of fame speech. Flash owner Brandt Anderson invited the two to play the game during half-time of the Flash game. Anderson will pay the winner of the challenge $100,000 for the charity of his choice.

Jordan hasn't verbally committed to playing the game, but he was sighted Monday morning at Mimi's Cafe in Orem.

Now here's the video that the Herald links to of someone snapping MJ eating with two security guards on both sides of him.  When the camera operator approaches MJ with a question, the two body guards quickly go after him and that's where the footage ends.  So who knows if it's real.  You can't really make out whether or not it's him and they never gets close enough to tell for sure.

I haven't heard back from Brandt Andersen, the owner of the Flash, if it's a go or not.  He was supposedly going to know by now.