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The Downbeat - 8 December 2009 - #117 - The MJ Disappoints Utah Again Edition

1_medium The Flash are off to a great start this season at 5-1.  Too bad the fake MJ news is covering up that.  In what's obviously been planned as a gotcha moment from the beginning.  I'm sure they really wanted Michael to attend, but they had to know early that it wasn't going to happen.  Yet they kept playing it up and have really pissed folks off now.  Some spent quite a bit of money on tickets with the hope that MJ might be there when really there was no chance at all that he would show up.  Even Lloyd Christmas would have been discouraged by the odds.

Instead, the Flash kept hyping it up and ended up bringing out the impersonator in front of the crowd.  Here's the tweets from Salt City Hoops who was at the game,

They brought out a look alike. Wow, the crowd is furious.

Had MJ showed up, it would have been one of the greatest moments ever. Instead, the crowd is booing and throwing back free shirts.

That's ugly.  Surprised they didn't have a full-fledged riot.

I've tried to contact the PR guy for the Flash but haven't heard back.  I imagine he and the other execs are up to their noses in this right now.  Good luck recovering from that.

You can check out Brandt Andersen's post on the subject and the comments that he's getting.  I think the only part that didn't go as planned was the reaction that they thought they'd get.  Everything else before the halftime show went as exactly as they planned.

And the headline doesn't imply that it was Jordan's fault.  Only that even while not having to do anything, he can still leave Utah fans disappointed.  Maybe he's smiling at all of this right now.

2_medium Speaking of the Flash, when is the KOOF going to see some DLeague time?  He's not getting any in Utah right now.  I guess he's being the 8th man on the roster in case anyone else goes down.  I've tried to tell them though, I can sit on the end of the bench in a jersey to help them out.

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