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The Downbeat - 9 December 2009 - #118 - The Hippity Hopped To Another Team Edition

1_medium  I don't feel good about this at all.  I know that he started out with the Lakers, but having Hot Rod call a game for the Lakers when they play the Jazz kind of makes my stomach turn.

I've always thought he was still in love with the Lakers from some of his broadcasts when we played them.  This is almost up there with seeing Malone in Laker gold.

2_medium  Hmm, for what it's worth, there's a petition to have Brandt Andersen donate the $100k to a charity that he promised when he announced the whole Jordan/Russell matchup.  Did anyone technically win?  Did Russell even play the impostor?

He probably should.  Right now the petition only has 4 signatures though.  Maybe we can bump that up a little?  Not sure how effective online petitions are, but Brandt is pretty much in sackcloth and ashes right now, so maybe.

8_medium I forgot to bring this up in the game recap, but if you haven't been paying attention to the standings, the Jazz are now percentage points ahead of Portland for second in the division.  They're also fifth in the conference for what it's worth so early in the season.

Also, Hollinger released his first Playoff Odds of the season.  According to his calculations, the Jazz are currently a 78.3% lock to make the playoffs.  It of course changes with each W and L.  I wonder if he has a Trade Odds that he could let us in on.

4_medium The Knicks Pick took a hit the past week as NY suddenly remembered how to play basketball again.  They've won 3 straight and now have the 5th-worst record in the league.  They have had wins over Atalanta, Portland, and Phoenix.  They're schedule coming up doesn't look too hard either, so they could climb.

I wonder if D'Antoni will use the pick for motivation at all in a "We don't want them to have a lottery pick" kind of way.  Also, would they be tanking after the All-star pick if they still had it?  They really have no reason to tank which is bad for us.

5_medium Maybe we'll see some Fess tonight?  With Bynum and Gasol I would think Sloan might dust him off.  Maybe we just have to say Fesenko three times and he'll appear?