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Boston Celtics @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread

Hope you're still awake. Pray that the Spurs/Pistons game doesn't do into overtime.

The Jazz are out for a little revenge tonight. The Celtics gave them one of only four losses at the ESA in this game last year. The Jazz would go on to win their next 19 at home until that streak was broken by the Lakers.

Well, the Jazz just beat the Lakers before the break and so a win over the Celtics would even things out.

Boston of course is one of the elite teams in the league. After looking like they were going to challenge for the all-time season win record, they hit a bit of a rough patch but have since rolled again.

The Jazz have averaged just over 110 points in their last 6 wins. Their offense will be tested against one of the best, if not the best defense in the league. The Jazz though have averaged 102 points a game against the Cs in their last five meetings.

The difference in tonight's game will the bench. I think the starters cancel each other out. In addition to AK, we'll need Korver to be on the good side of streaky shooting and Harp to play solid. If Knight will just pass and not shoot, we'll be in good hands. I expect Sloan to keep a tight rotation tonight against a veteran team like Boston. They won't go deep into their bench, so our second team will need to have a strong game.

In that last game at Boston, Rondo outplayed Deron. We'll see how Deron handles Rondo now that he's playing on two legs this time.

Millsap of course had a career night with 32 points. We'll see if his knees heal up to let him dominate again.

Here's a pre-emptive Buckle-Up! (although if the Jazz want to blow them out, that would be great too)

  • Celtics Blog (You'll notice they use a message board style. That's unique to their site. They carried it over from before they were with SBN).