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Charlotte Bobcats @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread

Thanks to David at Rufus on Fire for the Q&A. Here's the link for the questions he asked me. And here are the ones that I asked below. He also has a game thread up for you to pop into.

Before that, as you know, Deron will be out with a quad contusion which he suffered at the hands of Greg Oden. Ronnie P will get the start tonight. So here's your amazing starting lineup

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Still should be good enough to go against the Bobcats at home who will be without Jazz-killer Gerald Wallace so suffered a collapsed lung at the hand of Andrew Bynum. Bynum coincidentally just tor his MCL and will be out 2-3 months.

I didn't have questions to pose to Rufus, I just gave him some names and asked for his initial reaction. Here you go...

1. Andrew Bynum
Love his game. If we're choosing guys with which to start a franchise, he's in the top ten in the league. The elbow he gave Gerald Wallace wasn't as dirty as it was careless. Incidentally, I hated that pick for the Lakers. I'm a big believer in the notion that it's folly to draft a guy in the hope that he ends up better than the players drafted around him, even though he's not as good as they are at the time of the draft. It was bad process that got him drafted there, but the results have been amazing.

2. Adam Morrison
He'll be a solid bench player somewhere, but probably not in Charlotte. His absolute ceiling at this point has to be something like Eddie House without the modicum of point guard skills. Maybe late career Dell Curry. I think he's most likely to enter Tim Legler territory.

3. Charlotte Hornets
The Hornets still hang over the Charlotte hoops scene. When they left, the bad feelings were so intense that a large segment of the population still holds those feelings against the Bobcats and the NBA in general. Put it this way: The Hornets were THE TEAM in Charlotte for many years. They made this town major league. When they left, the Charlotte public basically disavowed pro hoops, and when Bob Johnson wrestled the NBA back to the city, the response was "We love the Panthers now. Go away."

4. Michael Jordan
Terrible executive. All credit for any short term turnaround goes to Larry Brown and, to a lesser extent, Rod Higgins. Jordan hasn't made a single good draft pick in his time with the Wizards or the Bobcats, and he allowed Larry Brown to strongarm the DJ Augustin pick (the next Damon Stoudemire, good offense and shaky defense) and the Alexis Ajinca pick (hands down, the worst pick of the draft) over taking Brook Lopez and either Ryan Anderson, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Bill Walker, Mario Chalmers, Richard Hendrix, or any number of non-projects that would have been way better than Freedom Fries.

5. Deron Williams
Not as good as Chris Paul, but I'll be surprised if he doesn't have a Hall of Fame career. Paul, Williams, Brandon Roy, and maybe still Dwyane Wade will be the iconic guards of the post-Kobe era, starting circa 2015, when Kobe retires. (I know I'm missing someone, but I can't emphasize enough how much I love Paul, Williams, and Roy.)