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Remembering Larry H Miller


I'm going to use this picture again because it says a lot about Larry.  Not matter what part of his life you're talking about, he always wanted to be right on top of the action.

Hard to add anything on to what's already been said

The thing that will always stand out to me about LHM was his passion.  Whether it was for his businesses, his charities, the Jazz, or his family, you know that LHM invested 100% of his energy into whatever he did.

Did that rub people the wrong way?  All the time.  But you knew where you stood with LHM.

He's called out Karl Malone, the entire Jazz team, and Carlos Boozer numerous times.  He said everything that every  fan was thinking for us.  It created a lot of friction, but I am confident that any one of those will tell you of their great respect and even love for the man.

Notice above that I mentioned his businesses and the Jazz separate?  You'll hear from players, coaches, and owners around the league that the NBA is just a business.  Not so with Larry.  He, like all of us, considers the Jazz  as a part of his life and not just a revenue stream or expensive hobby.  He poured his soul into the team and  that's why it hurt him to see players giving anything less than their best because he never did.  That's why it was so easy for him to identify with the fans and us with him.

His contributions to Utah, the NBA, and to the rest of mankind are too numerous to list here.  But know that his selflessness will be felt for a long time.

More Random Thoughts,

  • His courtside seat should either be left empty forever or taken over by a family member.  His wife might need some company down there.
  • I echo Siler's sentiments that there should be a jersey retired for Miller.
  • Being called out by Miller was probably a badge of honor.
  • I don't know why more franchises don't try to model themselves after the setup that Miller had with the Jazz.

Lastly, we wouldn't even be having this conversation without Larry H Miller.  Thank you Larry.