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Remaining schedule for the Jazz

I'm not a stat geek by any stretch.  I do like to mess around with numbers though and see if graphs show anything.  So anything I throw up could probably be easily refuted.

I'm not going to to be giving any complicated insight, but I'll post what I find interesting.

I was looking at the Jazz schedule just to see what the rest of the season looks like.  So I put together some data of the rest of our opponents' winning percentages were and to see if there were some rough stretches.  Here's the graph I made (click for bigger):


The blue line is that game's opponent's winning percentage.  So you can easily see how many of our remaining games are against +.500 teams. 

The red line is a running average of our opponents winning percentage.  You can see it climbs for the most part and the final average is right around .500 (.496).  Of course, that will change a bit as the season goes on.

The black line is a linear trend line for the winning percentages.  Does that show anything significant?  I would assume it means that the first part of our schedule for the rest of the year is easier than at the end.  Makes sense.

It doesn't take into account home versus away though, just winning percentages.  Someone could probably throw that factor in there and see what we're likely to win the rest of the way out.

Here's the spreadsheet if you'd like to mess around with it:

Jazz schedule strength

It pulls a web query from to update the standings.  No macros or worries there.

So is stuff like this worth posting?  Any significance for it?  I have other excel spreadsheets that I use for looking at data.