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SBNation & SLCDunk partner up with Yahoo! Sports

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It's a big announcement for SBNation & SLCDunk.

We've begun a partnership with Yahoo! Sports to expand SLC Dunk's reach. This won't be just for SLC Dunk of course, but will be for all blogs on SBNation.

How's it going to work? Here's a quote from the official release,

Today we want to welcome some new members to our flourishing communities. SB Nation and our friends at Yahoo are partnering to give Yahoo Sports audiences one click access to our sites and content. In addition to being the largest sport property on the web, Yahoo Sports is known for some of the best general sports blogs including: Ball Don’t Lie, Puck Daddy, Dr. Saturday, Big League Stew and others.

Relevant pages of Yahoo Sports will now feature contextual links to specific SB Nation communities. Many other pages of Yahoo Sports will feature SB Nation content and links. The great news is that more sports fans will be introduced to SB Nation sites.

So when you visit Yahoo! team pages, you'll see a container of relevant stories on SLCDunk. Click here to check out the page for the Utah Jazz.

In the future, there will be links to game threads on SLCDunk and some other integration.

So what does all of this mean? First, welcome to all of the visitors from Yahoo!. I hope you'll stick around and participate here. You'll find some of the best discussions on the Jazz here that can be found on the net. It's simple to sign up and start posting by using your existing Yahoo! ID.

What about all of the existing users? First, thanks to everyone for reading SLC Dunk and more importantly, thanks for your contributions. Things will go on just like they have. We'll (hopefully) gain a lot more quality contributors that will add to our discussions.

You can also associate your SBNation login with your Yahoo! ID by visiting your settings page at and clicking on the "Associate a Yahoo! ID with your account" link. It's not required of course.

Anyway, that's it. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, basketballjohn @