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Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors - Game Thread

D-Will, D-Will rock you!

Has that phrase been taken yet? I had to have seen that on a sign at the ESA or somewhere because one, I don't think I'm that clever. And if it is clever, it ought to have been used by now. In case it is new, then you'll know where it started.

We've been waiting for a time to declare that Deron Williams is back. It's been hard to declare in one game that he's back to his normal self.

His season stopped suddenly with the ankle injury and I kind of expected him to start right back up when he came back. He of course came back a bit soon and had to sit out again. It's been a gradual rise back to being an elite player.

I think the last month has been pretty indictative of the Deron Williams we all know. I still don't think he's received the recognition yet despite averaging 25 & 10 over that time. And there have been at least 5 wins that I can think of where if we didn't have him, we probably lose.

He'll thrive again tonight against the defenseless Warriors. Deron has thrived against them and shows that he can run or slow it down.

A lot of credit has to be given to Memo and Brewer for the past several games. Memo has put up 21 & 10 over the past 6 games. And Ronnie has put up 19 over those same games.

Could be a good night for the Jazz with a win. Right now, New York is leading Portland by 6 with 4:35 left. And the TWolves are leading the Hornets late in the second. The Suns and the Pistons are just tipping off.

Should all go the Jazz way, we would be a game back of Portland and New Orleans and get a little breathing room over the Suns.

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