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Utah Jazz @ Atlanta Hawks - Game Thread

Peach Tree Hoops: Other good news? The Hawks snapped the Hornets 7 game win streak on Monday, broke up the Cavs 11 game win streak in December, and tried there darndest to ruin Boston's long love fest with winning as well. Take down the Jazz's 12 gamer and you can officially call these Hawks streak killers.

Despite beating the Hawks soundly when they visited the ESA, this is a game where the Jazz could be put out of it early if they let Atlanta get hot in the early going.

The Jazz are on the second game of a back-to-back; on the road. That's been the death blow to the Jazz in the past. We'll see if it's any different this time around as the Jazz have a 4-game winning streak on the road right now. They've all been against sub-.500 teams though. This will be a good test to really see how far this team has come.

The last meeting between the two featured Boozer's return and a potential bru-ha-ha after Josh Smith had a hard foul on Harpring. The Jazz also shot lights out in the first half at 71%.

A win on the road against a solid eastern conference playoff team would go a long way in legitimizing this 12-game winning streak, as if it isn't legitimate enough by itself.

Who has had big games against the Hawks?

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