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Weekap - Recapping last week's action for the Jazz

This was suppose to be three separate posts for each of the last three games but it got rolled into one.  So be aware, it's a bit long.  That's the reason for the jump. 

If it makes no sense in some parts, I put in some cliff notes but didn't go back to elaborate.


Pick this up in the third quarter with the Hawks up 55-42.

12:00 - First play of the second half takes the ball out of Deron's hands.

Johnson has cooled off.

Jazz starting to get calls in the third quarter

9:38 - Four fouls on Hawks.  They only get two more the rest of the quarter.

9 Dimes in the third, as many in the first half total.

6:19 - Horford kicks Deron after blocking his shot.  Where's the retribution?

If your announcer has to say "Let's go Hawks" to get all 50 of those in attendance going, you're doing it wrong.

4:34 - Joe Johnson takes 4 steps on the drive, draws contact with Memo by putting out his left arm, and gets the call.  Memo's 4th just as he was heating up.  Ronnie B didn't pick him up though properly and got screened off, otherwise he never gets to the basket.

4:02 - Ronnie gets beat again by JoJo and Boozer picks up his third.

Run a pick for Deron so that he can get the ball on the inbounds pass please.

The Jazz have all of the momentum closing out the third.

The winning streak was an incredible feat, but I was getting sick of seeing the same highlights from the streak from the production crew.

1:55 - Smith gets the continuation call despite his shot coming after the shot clock expires.  First, Smith shoves his way into Millsap twice before this.  Second, there were two spots when Millsap could have been called for the foul on the play.  The first was on the spin move and Millsap reached.  That came with 1 second left on the shot clock.  But there wasn't a whistle blown then.  Millsap then went for the swipe on the drive and got Smith on his right arm.  That's when the whistle was blown; that came after the shot clock had expired.  A big momentum changer.

:56 - It doesn't get more ninja than that.  Fake the behind -the-back pass into a dribble and an assist to Millsap on the break.

:31 - I don't know if there's any written rule on this, but for 2-for-1s at the end of the quarter should come with at least 36 seconds left.  Anything less and you won't have enough time for a shot really should the other team use up most of the :24.  I would rather the Jazz run the offense and get a quality shot off rather than getting 2 for 1.  There's got to be a stat that backs this up.  Two rushed shots can't equal one quality shot.  And I don't want to see Knight take these any more.  He's making Hart look good.

Ronnie gets hammered to end the quarter on a layup, ends up on the floor with a cut lip.  Yep, no foul.

Fourth Quarter


11:06 - Deron back in because Knight has nothing.  Price can't be worse, right?

Jazz aren't taking advantage of Hawks turnovers early

9:00 - Flip Murray beats the Jazz down court after a Korver missed three and dunks over AK and a trailing Korver.  Horford then gets the T for taunting.  This is why the Jazz should have won this game.

The Jazz should be more mature than the Hawks and find a way to put them away.  Atlanta had some fantastic dunks that got the crowd going.

Smith doesn't get impeded on his way down the court and dunks over Korver trying to take the charge.

"Millsap hit it off of me, I swear, I promise."  - Smith pleading his case to the ref.  Honest!

7:25 - Acie Law takes out Deron's legs on a drive sending D-Will to the ground.  If you think he's getting that call, you don't watch the Jazz enough.

6:33 - Memo!  Money!  But he gives 1 back in change as it's only a two.

5:27 - The demise of the Jazz - Horford lowers his shoulder into Memo, Memo gets his 5th.

4:59 - Memo give another point back with a long 2.

4:29 - D-Will turnover

4:00 - Memo drives, doesn't get a call.  Everyone stands around complaining and Horford gets a breakaway dunk.    Stop complaining and play.  Funny that the game log shows Smith getting a block.

3:20 - Smith 2 missed FT, Jazz still only down 93-91

2:56 - Millsap doesn't go up strong and gets blocked again.  What point is there in going up strong when you're not going to get a call?

2:55 - Ronnie misses layup off inbound play.

Hawks killing the Jazz with the high pick and roll.  Boozer was the one rolled on most of them.

1:48 - AK passes to Millsap and it's fumbled.  Smith scores on the other end.  Does anyone get back on this team?  Deron should be handling all the passing with < 2:00 in the game.

1:28 - Boozer pancakes Bibby on the screen.  Probably felt good but it's an offensive foul.

1:03 - Jazz down just four after a Bibby miss.  Jazz have terrible spacing, Memo can't pass out of the double team in time, and our shot ends up being a 90-footer by AK.  I'm guessing that's not the shot we wanted.

Let's end it mercifully there.  The Jazz pull a 1998 Utes and can't score a field goal in the final 5 minutes.  Most of it was bad shot select on the part of the Jazz.

The applicable Chris Farley quote for this game:

[BBJ], I wish you could just shut your big YAPPER!

After I wrote the Jazz have had the Magic 8, they go on to blow it in the same time period.  Man, I'm awesome.  Up next, Miami.  If you're a fan of the Series of Unfortunate Events, continue reading.


We'll pick this one up with :53 left in the third.  The fourth quarter and three OT count as a full game, right?  Jazz down 81-80

:36 - Knight has the ball in the front-court with :36 left on the clock.  Dribbles around for 6 seconds waiting for a screen and doesn't get a shot off until :29 on the 2 for 1 special.  Miami gets the ball with :28 left.  No 2-fer here.  Plus Knight shoots again.  Stop it!  Miami scores on the other end and the Jazz get 4 seconds to get a shot off (:28-:24).

"His shot seems to be awfully flat as of late."  - Booner speaking of Knight.  If by "as of late" he means the last 12 years.

11:34 - Sloan can't afford to bring back Deron already though you know he's dying to.

OT:  Why are all electronics installed with a brighter than hades blue light now?  Who decided that should be the trend?  I have a TV antenna, a DVD player, a DVR, TV, and a wireless card that emit enough blue light to turn me into a smurf.

11:00 - Why don't the Jazz employ the zone more on D?  I know Sloan loves the man-to-man but are there any stats to back this up?  Is it just a pride thing for Sloan?

7:45 - Lazy pass by Knight gets picked off.  It's an instant 5 on 1 going the other way.  Knight was actually pretty solid in this game.

7:12 - James Jones gets called for a T for throwing an elbow at Memo.    Memo had just delivered quite the shot to Jones right before.  He didn't make much contact with his elbow, but I don't know why it wasn't called an offensive foul.  Weird play.

7:01 - Loose ball and Williams dives for it and gets the time out.  Wade flat out tackles D-Will after the play.  If this had been football, settle down Harpring, Wade would have been whistled for a late hit.

6:32 - Wade changes his pivot foot three times.  Receives the blessing of Stern.

5:17 - Korver hits a fantastic three on a tough shot going to his right.  He had a career game and it was wasted.  Jazz up 99-93.

Wade not his usual heroic self right now. 

3:52 - Jazz get a break and get the ball back up 8, 101-93. 

3:35 - D-Will turnover leads to a fastbreak 2.

3:04 - Crap.  Here comes Wade.

2:53 - Millsap with the layup and the laceration, but no foul.  So apparently not even blood is enough to get Millsap a call.  Haslem hammered him with an elbow to the head.  Doesn't get any more obvious than that.

2:34 - Hell.  Wade tries for the pump-fake to draw AK into a foul for three shots.  Wade misses AK, but the awkward heave goes in.

1:39  - Just one more point boys and we're golden.  Jazz 107-101 over the Heat

1:39  Memo doesn't get a call on his shot but gets a call for a forearm in the back on O'Neil.

1:07- Jazz working the clock but doesn't get a good look.  Deron forces up a shot with two guys in his mug to beat the shot clock.

:55 - AK reaches in 30 feet from the basket to stop the clock and give Miami FTs.  It also allows Miami to sub in three-point shooters.

:50 - AK with the offensive foul while breaking the press.  20 seconds left on the shot clock.  107-102

:35 - Wade drives by AK and dishes to Haslem for the dunk - 107-104.  What the hell is everyone doing?

And I'm talking to you too Sloan.  I've got your back.  But after the Heat scored with :35 left, you should have taken a timeout and advanced the ball to mid-court.  We also needed something to break the momentum that the Heat were getting.  We still had a three-point lead and should have won it on free-throws.  Instead, we get this:

:27 - Jazz break the press again to have AK pass to a streaking Millsap for the would be dunk.  First, AK should have learned his lesson from the first time and backed it out.  Millsap took the dunk with 19 seconds on the shot clock and 29 seconds left in the game. 

:16.3 - More FTs for the Heat.  Could have used a timeout here.

:15.2 - Ball goes off of Haslem but gets called off of Millsap off a missed free throw.  Legitimate gripe by Millsap.  It's too late for that now though.

My DVR mercifully ends it there.  I did see the game live though.  The Jazz still had a chance to win after Wade misses runner he normally makes.  But they can't get the rebound and the Heat tie it up on FTs.  Hell.  The Jazz finally take a timeout to advance the ball and Deron misses the last-second shot.



The Jazz build an 8-point lead in OT to go cold in the last two minutes.  Deron and Korver have turnovers (bad pass and offensive foul).  The Jazz still have a shot and play for the last one.

The game log shows that Boozer took his shot with :06, but it was closed to :09.  He took a bad shot and even if he makes it, it still gives Miami too much time.  Should have been you Deron.

2 OT


This period is closer and requires a D-Will jumper to tie it up to send it to a third OT.  Credit the Jazz for playing great D on Wade to have him take a low-percentage shot.

3 OT

The Jazz hang in until about the two minute mark.  Then they're done, mentally and physically.  They couldn't close out in the last two minutes of any of the quarters/periods.  A James Jones 3 with 1:07 is the back breaker that gives the heat a 7-point lead.  Now had the scenario been reversed, we would have gone to a 4th OT.

Things not looking good for the Orlando game.

Jazz @ Magic

We'll pick this up in the first.

11:49 - Rafer gets around the pick and gets by the weary Deron.

11:17 - Howard misses a running jumper.  Won't miss many.

10:56 - After a block on Memo and CJ the Magic get a fast-break going the other way.  Both Deron and Ronnie are under the free throw line at the bottom of the court.  Lee gets behind everyone for the dunk.

10:15 - Turkoglu with the three. 7-0 Magic.

9:48 - Sloan gets two quick ones.  He's still arguing that the foul on Memo should have been out of bounds.  A couple of choice words and a theatric ref get him tossed.  He was right by Hot Rod when it happened.  I wish I would have been listening to the radio broadcast.  Maybe someone can enlighten as to what was said?

We'll end it there.  Sorry if you thought the Jazz could actually win the back end of a back-to-back, on the road, after a 3OT game.  If Vegas had put the line at -40 for Orlando, I would have taken Orlando still.

There was no way the Jazz were going to compete in this one.  Not even Jerry's quick toss could fire them up.

So what's up next?  A should-win game against the Wiz tomorrow and then a road game @ OKC where we've been pounded before and where OKC just beat the Spurs. 

Dark times after riding such a high.  We'll see how the team handles this.

One thing I'd like to say to the players, as if they read SLCDunk, is to shut up and play the game.  I don't know how many times I saw them whining to the refs while the other team ran to the other end and scored.

I know everyone tries to work the refs, but it seems like it's hurting the Jazz.  We know you don't get the calls that you should, but they're not going to call any for you when you whine.

How am I supposed to defend a team that cries all the time?  It's getting pretty bad.

Maybe we won't get calls until the Sloan era ends and the aura of a physical Jazz team is gone.  Until then, make sure every foul you get called for isn't just a tap foul.  If you're going to get called for one, get your money's worth.

And let's see a little payback once in a while.  If Deron or Millsap are getting the crap kicked out of them and not getting the calls, send a message to the other team that you're not going to let it happen again.  Harp's not playing so someone else is going to have to do it. 

It doesn't seem like everyone has everyone's back.  You're not going to roll in the West without some intimidation.

Okay, that's good.