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Utah Jazz @ Phoenix Suns - Game Thread/Preview

The last visit to Phoenix saw the Jazz get out-rebounded 54-37 and sent the Suns to the line 40 times. The Jazz on the other hand went to the line 29 times but missed on 10 of them. Despite all that, they lost by 2, 106-104.

The biggest problems for the Jazz in that game were Leandro Barbosa and Amare Stoudemire. Thankfully, both of them will be out.

While I would like to say that the Jazz could control the tempo with this game and slow down the Suns a bit, that's not going to happen. The Jazz play to whatever style of team they're playing. This game will probably be in in 110's I would venture.

If the Jazz are to win, they're going to have to rebound and not give up as many second-chance opportunities as last night. During March, the Jazz have out-rebounded by almost two boards a game, 45.1-43.3. That's not very Jazz-like.

Deron, Memo, Millsap and Carlos have had big games against the Suns playing at PHX.

Just like last year, the playoffs pretty much start now for the Jazz. How they perform on the road for the rest of the season will likely determine their playoff fate.