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Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz - Game Thread/Preview

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While the Jazz have been resting since their loss @ PHX, the Suns headed up to the great NW and did us no favors by losing to the Blazers.

This game will come down to stops by the Jazz. The offense can score against the best defenses in the league. The Suns do not have a good defense.

So will the Jazz be able to put it away and open things up? Will we have a Fess sighting? He seems determined with his call-up:

I am here now and I think I am ready to prove something to somebody.

Will Shaq get stuffed multiple times? Both teams have quit a bit riding on this one.

Denver and Portland are playing tonight. Denver hosts the Warriors while the Grizz invade Portland. They are favored in those games and the Jazz will need to win just to keep pace.

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