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Is this the year for Sloan? - Daily Dunk

There seems to be some growing movement to finally get Sloan a well overdue Coach of the Year award.  He was just named COM for February.

He's had season with better records.  He's had a team that was suppose to not win 10 games all year yet finished just one win out of the playoffs.  He had back to back years of 64 and 62 wins.

Despite his 1000+ wins and all of his accomplishments, he's never had COY. The criteria always seems to be who turned around a team from first to worst (or close to).   That's who always seems to steal it from Sloan in worthy years.  It appears as if you're consistently a contender, then you're just taken for granted.

So is this finally the year?  Not that he gives a damn anyway.  Could the same year that he's elected into the basketball hall of fame be the first time he wins?

What will it take to get recognized?  The 2 seed?  The 3 seed?  Let me know what you think.