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The Best Links In All the World, In All the NBA, In All the Universe... 30 March 2009

Sorry for no recap or much of anything over the weekend. There was a huge storm in the SLC that led to a power outage. I had to go "outside" and do something. Here are some mini-links:

  • The Internet Meme-et. Why am I not thinking of stuff like this?
  • Hearing footsteps
  • Boozer's been having marriage problems for a while.
  • If these guys are checking in, who's in the game? I don't want to think about it.
  • These are a kick in the face to every Jazz fan, but man they look nice.
  • ESPN Insider concerning Fesenko's cousin, Kyryl Natyazhko,

    September, 2008:
    Kyryl is a versatile post player that is originally from the Ukraine. He has been in the United States for less than a year. He is comfortable in both the low post and high post position. In the high post he can turn and face and either shoot from 17 feet and in or put the ball on the floor for a couple of dribbles and create offense for himself. In the low post he is developing solid moves including an up and under, drop steps and the ability to score over his left shoulder. Kyryl has a big body which enables him to be a solid rebounder. He runs the court pretty well so he can be effective in transition and is a solid basketball athlete. Defensively he is OK. He needs to improve his aggressiveness and remain consistent with his effort. He has the tools to be a solid defender. He will never be an elite shot blocker but he will block his share on the ball. Kyryl is one of the top 10 center prospects in the 2009 class nationally.

    He's also rated a 95 which means that he's likely to be a high-impact player for a Division I school in his freshmen year.