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Preview - New York Knicks @ Utah Jazz

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TNT has their 40 games in 40 nights for the playoffs.  Are you ready for the 4 games in 5 nights?  If you miss it, don't worry.  We'll have another 4 in 5 to close out the season.

The Jazz had a similar situation the last time they played the Knicks.  They lost on a Sunday before a 4 in 5 on the road.  The Jazz lost that game as a result of 24 fouls (29 free-throws for the Knicks) and not being able to hang on to the ball.

Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph had the big games for New York.  Those two now though are in new digs.

All I want to see from the Jazz in this game is consistency.  They're favored heavily and just need to take care of business at this point in the season.  This is one of the precious few home games remaining.  Let's build the double-digit lead and hold it.  I want to see Memo take a three instead of faking the three and driving.  While he's had some success with this, in my opinion, the higher-percentage shot for him is the three.

I'd also like to see Deron take a jumper instead of the fake-jumper and pass to his teammates that's resulting in a turnover.  They should be looking for the ball all the time, but Deron's fakes are faking out his own teammates.  They might have a closer shot, but it doesn't help when they've got their heads facing the basket.

AK, no fancy passes right now.  Just make the Stockton chest pass. 

CJ, if you're going to keep getting the call, grab a rebound when you're not getting a shot.

Millsap, now's not the time for a suspension, but if you want to take someone out, please do.

Korver, you stay hot.

Brevin, the only way the ball leaves your hands is when it's going into someone else's hands.

Boozer, you're exempt for now.  Leave it all on the court.

With tomorrow night's game @Portland looming, the Jazz will need to end this one early to have a fighting chance tomorrow.    If the starters have to play deep into the fourth quarter tonight, it may not be worth the plane trip to Oregon.

And finally, the Slam Dunk contest might have jumped the shark this year.  I can handle some props and some gimmicks, but I'll be damned if the NBA is going to turn this into a WWE event.  If you don't think that the finals weren't already determined, ask yourself if they would have gone to all that trouble for a phone booth and green attire if they weren't going to be used?  And the judges?  Yeah, these guys are incorruptible.

Game Thread @ 6:30