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Dunking on a 12-foot hoop

The bar has been raised a bit.

Some new features were released today for all of the SBNation sites and I'm pretty excited about them. So let's go over them and how they will help you.

  • First, I'll be able to post official pics from the AP & Getty. I've used some before but have had that fear of retribution. No more. For you, you'll be able to click on the pictures to get a full shot of it plus a gallery of pics from the game. There are just a few now but will build up over time. Click on the pic at the top or this link to see more.
  • New Team Pages - This is probably the coolest feature that's been released on SLC Dunk. The team page before was just so-so before. Click on the Jazz link at the top of the page to go the the new team site. Here you'll find all of the stories, Fan Posts, and Fan Shots from around SBN concerning the Jazz. You'll have the standings, schedule, stats, and everything else. You'll also notice a top-contributors box. Those that have the most posts concerning the Jazz will show up here.
  • New Player Pages - The player pages were in sore need of an upgrade and were revamped as well. Check here for Deron's page. You'll see that it looks a lot like the team page except everything here is for Deron including a scouting report, transactions, stats, etc.
  • Game Day - Each game now will be an event. This has always been on SBN but also got a makeover. It will now show all relevant posts related to that game. When you create a Fan Post, there's a green button to the right that has Attach Event. Click on this to add your post to a game event if it applies. I will also be putting up a link to this for game threads and previews. Here's the one for tonight's game.

The only thing that makes this better is you. When you're adding Fan Posts or Fan Shots, take a second and add the player in the Players section of your post. That way they will show up on their respective pages. Utah Jazz should now be getting put in automatically. In the future, any reference to a player in the text of your posts will automatically add them.

And of course, if you visit other SBN sites, all of these features will be there as well.

Thanks for reading and visiting SLC Dunk.