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Preview - Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers

I only put this up not as a shot to Blazer fans nor to Blazers Edge, but this is the first thing I thought of when I read this comment,

Hello! Who cares about this garbage! Your team is about to play a fired up, young, dominating team tonight and you don’t even bother to put up a preview??  How dare you? (okay, that last sentence was mine)


(The original ending to the movie was so much better, old argument, sorry)

"We want the division and your brains and we want them now."

Maybe the Jazz just aren't ready to give up the division title tonight.  I had little hopes for this game.  On the road.  Back to back.  You know the spiel. 

I know I have nothing to back me up on this, but maybe we finally see the "fired up" team tonight from Utah.

Maybe, just maybe, the Jazz finally get sick and tired of getting their cans handed to them on the road.  Maybe Millsap puts a forearm into Pryz after getting hammered for the 5th time tonight and not getting a call.  Maybe Deron remembers getting snubbed for the All-Star game two years ago and take it out on them.  I would like to see a big brother > little brother type beating.

However, the Jazz haven't won at Portland since this April Fool's game three years ago.  That was pre-Roy though.  The Jazz haven't shot well in those games.  I seem to recall that they've gotten off to horrendous starts and could never get back in it.

So I'm asking the team to give us some hope that they're not going to fade away down the stretch.  Just run the offense and try to block out the crazy arena.

Everyone should know that the winner of this game has the inside track on catching the Nuggets for the division title.  The loser probably loses home-court advantage.  Just a little bit riding on this game.

Game thread coming at 7

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