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Houston Rockets @ Utah Jazz - Game Thread

How big is this game? Click on through for your answer.

That's all 7'6" of Yao Ming.

The Jazz have already lost twice to the Rockets, so should be meet up again in the playoffs, heaven forbid, we'll need to even up the season series in case we end up with identical records. That's the first motivation.

Second, there should be motivation enough in just beating the Rockets. The Jazz have taken them out of the playoffs the last couple of years which has renewed the rivalry that existed in the Stockton/Malone days. Hating the Rockets is probably just right behind hating the Lakers and the Nuggets.

That rivalry was easy to have when McGrady was playing. He provided plenty of fodder for Jazz fans. With Yao, Crazy Pills, Landry, and Scola, there really isn't a hated one in the bunch. I guess Scola would be the next in line for McGrady's throne of hatred. But they don't do anything but go out and take care of business. There's no crying from any of these guys.

Although, Yao has been schooled in the seductive art of shock expression every time he is called for a foul or an infraction. He must hang out at Duncan's place in the offseason.

Do you know what would be perfect for tonight, besides a blowout of the Rockets? Having Boozer eat Yao alive like he did in the 2007 playoffs. It would be a very fitting statement and "I'm back" game for him.

Houston is one of the other teams in the West that has a losing road record while still being in the playoffs. They give up only about 91 points a game at home but let opponents score more than 98 while on the road.

The Jazz have scored 105 points a game at home compared to just 95 on the road. No shock with any of those stats.

But most importantly, a win would put the Jazz just 1/2 game back of the Rockets in the standings and would put themselves in position to overtake the Nuggs on Friday.

Utah is a huge favorite in this game which is a bit surprising. Not that they're the favorite, but my how much. Accuscore has them at 72% to win the game and the line opened with Utah -8 but it now even?. Weird.

This starts the biggest part of the season, let's hope it gets off on a good note.

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