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Preview - Utah Jazz @ San Antonio Spurs

I'll take it.

If, and that's a big


the Jazz were to pull off a victory tonight at SA, I wouldn't care if it's against a depleted Spurs team. Manu is gone for the season. I'm not crying over that one. Timmy may or may not play as he's been banged up.

Player Date Type Note
Tim Duncan 2009-04-09 sore knees is questionable for Friday's game against Utah
Manu Ginobili 2009-04-06 stress fracture in right ankle will miss the remainder of the season
Fabricio Oberto 2009-03-27 irregular heartbeat is out indefinitely
Tony Parker 2009-04-09 cramping in calves is questionable for Friday's game against Utah

Is it wrong that I want them to win so that I don't have to hear any more that they haven't won there since 1999? Forget about playoff seedings, I just want that to stop.

If it's going to happen, now is the time to take advantage.

However, with Manu out and Timmy limited, that means that Tony Parker is going to go to town. All it will take is a little pick on Deron and he's gone.

Over the past three seasons, Parker is averaging 19 & 6 against the Jazz. He'll be the man to stop tonight. I would like to see the Jazz just pack a zone and make the Spurs shoot over the top of them but they have a guy named Matt Bonner who would love to do nothing more than camp out on the arc and shoot threes all night.

So what Jazz team are we going to see? I doubt you know because otherwise you'd be in Vegas laying down some large large.

Since we can't seem to comeback in games this year, you'll know pretty early how this one turns out. If it's a game after the first quarter, we have a chance.

Then again, if you see the Jazz chucking up jumpers outside of the offense, look out.

Dallas and NOLA go at it tonight. So the good news is that one of them is going to fall. A win for the Jazz would go a long ways in staying out of that 8th seed.

Game Thread coming at 6.

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