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Preview - Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz

If the Jazz are to have any chance of jumping out of the 8th spot in the West, they have to hold serve at home.

The Warriors come to town after nearly upsetting a Yao-less Rockets team last night at Oakland.  They were playing without a lot of their big-name players in Jackson & Maggette.

These last two games at home seem to be the NBA's way of throwing the Jazz a bone for the horrible schedule they had to close out the season.  It's almost as if the schedulers said, "We have to do something to make it look like we're not doing this intentionally."

When the schedule came out, everyone looked at these last two weeks and groaned.  Regardless of how well the Jazz would be playing at the time, this would be a brutal stretch.  Given that the Jazz were never really able to take advantage of their easier early season schedule, these games would be magnified even more.

So while you would like to call these next two games gimmees (and they should be), the TWolves game showed that nothing is a given.

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