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Thanks for ruining my dinner

There's nothing quite as tasty as some Winger's Hot Wings. That is unless they happen to switch the game over to the Jazz and you have to watch the monstrosity that is the Utah Jazz.

Not only did I have my dinner and one night out a month ruined, I spent 30 minutes trying to remotely schedule the game to record on my tiny cell-phone screen. After putting in my long username and password 20 times, it finally worked with just two minutes to spare before tipoff. The three-hour block that it used on my DVR just happened to erase some movies and th shows that I had been saving for later. I can't believe I lost 3-4 shows for that garbage.

So that's why there was no recap of the game. Why would I want to go back and watch that entire game and then write about it? I can take losses and I can take losses at home and I can take losses to a team that are just on fire and hit no matter what they throw up. But I can't take it when that it pretty much every game for the last two weeks. I don't know what else there is to say that hasn't already been said.

With that, I give you some random thoughts and links

  • Is it too early or in bad form to start talking about the off-season?
  • As with most Jazz fans, any loss keeps me away from Sports Center, websites, etc. What usually happens to me then is that some biggish story happens at the same time and I miss out on all of that.
  • Is it possible for a playoff team to be ranked dead last in Power Rankings? I think it just happened.
  • Can I request my money back for my playoff tickets? At least it's for the third game of the series and not the potential season-ending fourth game.
  • Are we going to see some redical changes this offseason? Greg Miller seems to be a more "liberal" owner. He may not have the loyalty and conservative nature of his father. Could this mean Sunday games? Cleaning house? A new coach (gulp?) He's stated that he's going to be relying on O'Connor and other Jazz brass to make a lot of the calls. I wonder if he'll leave things up to them or start dictating a little more.
  • Are you following me on Twitter yet?
  • Shums set up a Facebook group for SLCDunk a while back. Is there any interest in that? I'll get the link up if there is.
  • Two new SBN blogs of signficance:

    Silver Screen and Roll - We finally have a Lakers blog. This one will be of high quality and isn't just a Kobe love-fest (though they do love the Mamba). Just in time for the first round.

    Motown String Music - Could be Boozer's destination if he leaves.

    I believe that just leaves one or two teams uncovered.
  • And a quick poll to close things out for now...