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Preview - Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz

Is it too late to turn things around?

After embarassing losses to the TWolves, Mavericks, and Warriors would wins over the Clippers and Lakers be enough to turn things around?

A win over a Clippers team and a win against a team that may or may not be trying certainly wouldn't take the bad taste out your mouth of those losses, but it's the only way to have a chance at redeeming the season.  Two wins coupled with a Dallas split of their last two games (or the Hornets losing two) would give the Jazz a 7 spot in the playoffs and a chance, albeit slight, to do something.

A Clippers win tonight might have me putting my playoff tickets up for sale, not that I could get much.  Okay, I won't go that far, I'll be there to root for them against whoever shows up at the ESA.  But a 7 seed is pretty much what I'm clinging on to at this point.

But, if there's a more disappointing team this season, it's the Clippers.  They were suppose to challenge for the playoffs when the brought in Baron Davis.  Of course, Brand was suppose to be there too.  Injuries have had their toll on the _other_ LA team but nobody expected them to be quite this bad.

So while a win over the Clippers might not be much, it's a win and we can use anything at this point.  I would also like to see us close out the regular season at the ESA on a high note.

Game Thread coming at 7

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