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Man, the NBA wants this series over quick.

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I know that we stand no chance against the Lakers and that we're merely pesky flies in the league's master plan, but could we get a little love?  Take a look at the schedule for the first four games of the series:


That's right, in the days of drawn out series to maximize TV revenue and all that, the NBA has scheduled the Jazz and Lakers to play 4 games in 7 nights.  In fact, the two teams don't get a two game break until after the 5th game and that's the only one.  Since most experts are predicting it will be over by then, there likely will be no two-day rest.   Here's the full schedule:

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I know that this impacts both teams, but that's not the point.  Let's take a look at how much rest the teams in the other series get.

The 6-digit number represents how many days off between each game.  The first number in parentheses represents how many total days rest there are in the first four games of the series.  The second number is how many total days rest in the 7-game series.

Western Conference:

Lakers/Jazz - 111121, (3, 7)
Mavs/Spurs - 121221, (4, 9)
Nuggs/Hornets - 221111, (5, 8)
Rockets/Blazers - 221111, (5, 8)

Eastern Conference:

Hawks/Heat - 221111, (5, 8)
Celtics/Bulls, 122111, (5, 8)
Cavs/Pistons, 221211, (5, 9)
Magic/76ers, 211111, (4, 7)

Granted, the Jazz and Lakers will have had three days off since their last game of the season whereas most everyone else will have only had two.  But is there a huge difference between 2 and 3 days off?  Whereas, there's a huge difference between 1 and 2 days off, especially when you have to travel.

I can't find the stat, but the Jazz have a ridiculous record when they have a two days off.   They're still pretty good with just one day off though as well.

If the series goes just 5 games, it would end on April 27th.  This is huge for the Lakers because their next round opponent, either the Rockets or Blazers, woudl still be playing for a long time.  Since that series will go at least 6 games, if not 7, the earliest they would finish would be April 30.  Throw in a day break and they don't play until May 2 at the earliest.  That's a five-game break to rest up on.

Only 3 days of rest in the first 4 games and only 7 total in the series = hosed again.