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The Best Links In All the World, In All the NBA, In All the Universe... 2 April 2009

Free your mind with these links from around the intertubes about the Jazz and prepare for the game tonight against the Nuggs:

One last note that's not a link, if you want to watch the game tonight with a bunch of fans and readers of the Jazz blogs, you can head to Iggy's (I'm assuming the one at the Gateway, actually it looks like it's the one in Utah County). Sodas will be purchased for you. I will not be able to attend unfortunately.

UPDATE: And finally, finally, I've added Twitter update to the right sidebar on the main page. Some will be redundant because they just list posts on SLC Dunk. But I'll also use it for updates if I'm away from a PC and for quick site updates like for tonight. You can also follow me directly at if you're not already and you're in to that kind of thing.