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Preview - Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers - Game 2

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I'm excited.

I'm excited because I don't know what team will show up tonight. 

I was excited to see the Jazz jump out to a 6-2 lead the last game instead of getting behind 6-2.  It didn't stay that way, but at least we saw the Jazz play hard for the entire game and not mail it in.

Yet, that's not enough.  It shouldn't be enough.  More than anything, I would love to be able to smack the smugness of off a Lakers fan's face.  Check here at Silver Screen and Roll for an example.

It goes without saying that tonight is a pivotable game for the Jazz.  It's not all over with a loss, but a win goes a long way into making this a series.  It shows that the Lakers are human and that they can be cut.

To do that though, the Jazz have to have 4 quarters of good basketball.  No getting behind early.  They have to hit shots and make the Lakers shoot like they did in the second half of game one.  There's nothing earth shattering there.

If the Jazz are without Harp and Memo, the rest of the league might get a taste of the KOOF and Fess.  Could they be the change we're looking for?

Everyone has to have significant games.  A little better shooting from Deron.  Brewer has to make those jumpers or as has been mentioned, take it to the hole.  Boozer and Millsap need to continue to bang.  Korver needs some more touches.  AK either needs to pick it up or settle down a bit, I can't decide.

Let's do this.

Game Thread coming at 8:15