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Derek Fisher Bombshell

Derek Fisher released this statement just hours before the Lakers take on the Jazz in game three of their series:

Nearly two years ago I asked the Jazz for an unconditional release so that I could attend to my daughter and be closer to her physicians. I'm proud to say that she has been doing great and has been recovering nicely.

As a result, I asked the Lakers to release me from my contract this morning so that I could return to the Jazz and fulfill my original contract with them. I am not able to play with Utah for the playoffs, but I will look to sign a deal that will allow me to be Deron Williams' backup next season.

I appreciate the chance that the Lakers took on me and the opportunity that I had with the organization. I feel though that it is my professional obligation to return to the Jazz now that my daughter's condition is stable.

Fisher didn't take any questions, but more on the story can be found here.

This may end up being worse for Jazz fans as Shannon Brown has killed them in this series and Deron has beaten Fisher so far.