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Preview - Los Angeles Lakers @ Utah Jazz - Game 4

In what everyone thought would be the last game of the season for the Jazz, game four could be where we see the Jazz tie up the series.

All the talk in LALA land has been that the Lakers played their worst game of the series and the Jazz still just barely beat them.  Well, guess what, the Jazz also played their worst game of the series and they won.  Did they think that was the best the Jazz had to offer?

The momentum train has been gaining traction and game 3 might have been the game to put the Jazz over the top.  Even the thinking of Lakers fans is begining to turn, a little.

A game four win for the Jazz would suddenly put everyone in LA in a bit of crisis mode.  A three game series?  If I were in the Lakers' position, I certainly wouldn't want that.

Look for a much high scoring game from both parties and much better games from everyone all around.  Outside of Boozer and Odom, no one really had a "normal" game.

I won't be able to make it to the ESA, but if it's anything like Thursday, the Lakers are in for a long night.

Game thread coming at 6.