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Player recaps

I'm looking to do player recaps on each Jazz man.  I'm reaching out to see if any one of you would like to write a season review of your favorite (hated) player on the Jazz.  I'm looking for 1-15.  First come, first serve.

I'll write ones for the unclaimed souls.

Leave a comment if you're interested.  It doesn't have to be in any particular format or any particular length (though at least a few paragraphs would be desired).

These will go on the front page and receive many accolades I'm sure.



Here's the updated list.  If someone else wants to do the same player, I'm fine with that.  Just leave a comment and  we'll have you collaborate with the person that's already taken him.


Player Dunker
Almond, Morris  AllThatJazzBasketball
Boozer, Carlos (C)  prodigal punk, Utah Progressive
Brewer, Ronnie  clarkpojo
Collins, Jarron  Cool Hand
Fesenko, Kyrylo  AllThatJazzBasketball
Harpring, Matt  MTN
Kirilenko, Andrei  calyou
Knight, Brevin  Basketball John
Korver, Kyle  DaniellelovesKK
Koufos, Kosta  Shums
Miles, C. J.  clarkpojo
Millsap, Paul  Patrick517
Okur, Mehmet  moneyman memo
Price, Ronnie  Vromanite
Williams, Deron (C)  Shums