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Preview - Minnesota Timberwolves @ Utah Jazz

I do not ever want to see this Memo face a gain. Granted, he does have Melo abusing him.

Instead, I want to see the Memo that nails clutch threes and doesn't drive to the basket every time. Stick with what you know. If you want to add something to your repertoire, do it in the off-season and work on it in the pre-season. Give me Money over "loose change" any day of the week.

I hope they didn't have layup drills in the shoot-around. I hope they had dunking drills.

The Peskies head into the ESA tonight for one of the last 3 remaining home games for the Jazz.

And right now I'm scared to mention anything concerning this game lest the basketball gods smite the Jazz down because of it. So as to not tempt fate, I present the following facts without bias:

Jerry Sloan will not be in attendance tonight as he attends the funeral of his brother.  He had this to say about the performance in Denver though:

I know nobody's trying to miss shots, but some of our defense, it didn't look like we wanted to help each other enough to try to win a ballgame.

Lots of other action in the NBA tonight.  Look forward to a While You Were Sleeping post in the morning.  Maybe that's the reason things I've gone downhill.  I've been slacking.

Game Thread at 6

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