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Awww, hell no

Dwyane Wade gets a little taste of his own medicine.
Dwyane Wade gets a little taste of his own medicine.

The Jazz are not without fortune this season, but I can't help but wonder where we can buy some last-minute magic for these last five games.

We got no love last night from other teams.  The Spurs took care of the Thunder.  The Trail Blazers once again got some favorable calls last night in their comeback win over the Grizz.    And the Magic did us no favors by falling to Yao and the Rockets.

But the shot above by Rasual Butler twists in my back since a loss would have dropped the Hornets to the 7th spot, with the Jazz moving to th 6th.  Instead, he nailed a game-tying three after NOLA pretty much botched the entire play.

Not only that, but he had a game-winner against the Kings just a little over a week ago:

RasualButler game-winner

Huge night in the Association tonight.  In addition to the Jazz, you have San Antonio hosting the Blazers, Suns @ NOLA, and the Thunder @ Nuggets (slim chance still).

5 more games to shape the playoffs for the Jazz.