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Anyone want to sponsor me in Orlando?


Stores Line just freed up some money.

In case you missed my tweets, and according to my poll 63% of you did, the Jazz canceled the Rocky Mountain Revue for 2009.

This flat out sucks.  For $10 a day you get to see up to 6-8 teams play their rookies and free agents in some summer-time hoops.  Basketball doesn't get much better than this.

It really was a treat for the locals.  Small community college and being able to be so close to the players and court was fantastic.

The Jazz stated that they're going to weigh its viability for next year, but it's done.  It was on its last legs last year.

It's really too bad because it was the summer league pioneer.  But with the bright lights of Vegas and Orlando, teams simply didn't want to come here any more. 

You could see it coming when they announced a summer league in Vegas.  It was the beginning of the end for July hoops in the SLCC's small gym.

The worst part for me was that I have been going for the last two years on a media pass and got to go back into the locker rooms to take pics, ask questions, etc.  The best part of the RMR was that everyone was so laid back.

Frank Layden sat right across from me my first year and after one of the games I went right up to him and started talking to him.  We chatted for about 5 minutes. 

Now I won't be able to talk to Fess, The KOOF, Kevin Lyde in his inevitable appearance, and whatever player the Jazz draft.

According to @utah_jazz, you'll be able to watch it online, but it's not anywhere the same as being there in that small gym atmosphere.

Maybe I can stow away in one of Fess' socks and make the trip down there.