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Paul Millsap comes up short of a new KIA

Danny Granger took home the award for Most Improved Player today. It was a pretty tough year competition-wise for this award. Both Granger and runner-up Devin Harris had huge years and were the bright spots on their teams.

Paul Millsap finished fourth, right behind Kevin Durant.

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
Danny Granger Indiana 48 37 13 364
Devin Harris New Jersey 43 35 19 339
Kevin Durant Oklahoma City 6 14 11 83
Paul Millsap Utah 3 13 23 77

Millsap had the huge task of filling in for Carlos Boozer's 20 & 10 when Booze went down with an injury.

He did phenomenal during that period and at one point had 19 straight double-doubles (much to Boler & Booner's delight).

Unfortunately, he played so well that he's going to command big money this offseason and that leaves his status as a Jazz man up in the air.

There's no question that the Jazz and fans want him back. He's the embodiment of hustle and pure "who wants it more" status. What will the price be and will we be able to afford him will be the biggest question. The other of course will be, is he the go-to guy for a championship team? He is definitely a player on a team like that, but do we need to go after someone else to lighten the load on offense?

Ronnie B also finished with 2 3rd-place votes.