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Open Game Thread - All in



We're trying a little something different for the game threads now that the Jazz are out of the playoffs. 

All of the blogs of the teams that are no longer in the playoffs and never made the playoffs are rotating game night threads.

So instead of just a relatively few of us Jazz fans talking about the action in the NBA tonight, you can mingle with the rest of the fans across SBN.

The team still in the playoffs will have game threads on their own sites which you can visit.

We'll see how it works out and see if it's worthwhile.  I'd be interested to hear any feedback.

First up is Motown String Music, our new Pistons blog.  Of course everyone will be cordial.

We'll have a schedule for the rest of the playoffs, well, at least the next week or so coming.  But you'll have one of these posts each night as a reminder.

Also, comments are disabled for this post as a gentle nudge to go hang out on MSM.  Email me with any questions/feedback/criticism.