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The Best Links In All the World, In All the NBA, In All the Universe... 2 June 2009

Things for the other teams in the NBA start picking back up in June with all of the pre-draft workouts, the draft itself, rumors, etc. So time to start getting TBLIATWIATNIATU going again.

Conspicuously absent is anything on Carlos Boozer. A much more in-depth post on that coming later. Until then...

Utah Jazz bring draft-day party back

As reported here first... Some more details though:
Doors for the Jazz's June 25 draft-day party will open at 4:30 p.m. — a half hour before the NBA begins its ESPN-telecast from Madison Square Garden in New York City. The Jazz have yet to announce all the details for the party, but the organization will present a highlight video from the 2008-09 season

Byron Russell Chat on
brandon, las vegas: How does it feel to see "the shot" over and over again? SportsNation Bryon Russell: That's the most memorable play of his life and my life. It shows me that someone really had to push me to beat me [laughs]. If you know basketball you know it's a pushoff. It just shows someone had to cheat me to beat me. ... And it was a hell of a shot.

Who's in the Finals?
This is from Yahoo! Answers, so take it for what it's worth (if you've browsed YA, you'll know what I'm talking about)

NBA player Williams wishes India luck
"I am excited to be at the home of cricket here at Lord's and I wish the reigning world champions India and the other teams the very best," Williams said in an ICC statement. -Somehow this sounds like a Saddam Hussein-type forced statement.

Deron hearts LA?
[Their success] is built around Kobe but he's doing a better job of getting everybody involved. "You've got Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom and the shooters that surround them - Trevor Ariza is playing great. "It's going to be tough to stop them in a seven-game series."

Jazz v. Real

Not the local soccer team though.

NBA star Deron Williams meets Raina and Ojha at Lord’s
I am excited to be at the home of cricket here at Lord's and I wish the reigning world champions India and the other teams the very best. -Seems like a Saddam Hussein-type prepared statement.

And Finally...

The FanPost Editor Goes WideScreen

In case you haven't made a FanPost/FanShot lately, you wouldn't have noticed the changes made to the editors lately. And judging by the number of FPs lately, I would say a majority of you haven't.

SBN made some changes to the editor over the weekend to add some cool stuff. Some highlights:

  • Widescreen text area. No more typing in that narrow column.
  • Movable jump line. If you have a long FP, there's an "after the jump" line built in. You can drag this to the spot where you want to cut things off at. This replaces the old way of splitting a post in half (or 1/3 & 2/3 or 1/4 and 3/4 or 4/15 and 11/15).
  • Autosave
  • Auto-tagger. This adds any relevant tags automatically. This is mainly a huge benegit to SBN because it is used to link to the player and team pages. You can run Autotagger when you're doing things or it will run it for you when you publish. You can uncheck anything you don't want tagged.
  • Twitter. If recent poll results are to be believed, then most won't care about this. But now, you can associate your SBN account with your Twitter account and Tweet your FPs and FSs to Twitter. Awesome, right? You can selectively publish which posts you want to go to Twitter as well.
  • The above link goes into more detail on the new additions.

    If you won't be posting any time soon, or are too lazy to create a new FP, here's an image of what the new FanPost page looks like (clicking makes things bigger):