I need a name for this...

I was hoping to use the List option in FanShots for this, but it looks like it's not working. Until then, here's what I was going to post using that.

  1. I'm looking to kickoff a daily list of 5 Jazz things that will hit first thing in the morning. It could be links, ponderings, highlighted tweets, whatever could land here. If you have a catchy name for it, let me know.

  2. One week until the likely opt-outs of Booze, Korver, and Memo. Will Memo get an extension before then? Is Korver likely to stay? Do I need a countdown clock on SLCDunk for Boozer?

  3. If Shaq were to somehow come to Utah, he would be the Big _________?

  4. My Ball Don't Lie mock draft pick is coming today. It's the same as the one on RU, just expounds a little more. UtesFan89 is disappointed though.

  5. How long before Twitter is on the same level as MySpace?

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