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5 dollar, 5 dollar, 5 dollar

So it's going to have to come down to a vote. I'm kind of partial to all of the suggestions. Maybe I just need to make a big run-on name for it like TBLIATWIATNIATU from them. We'll go to the polls... While you're voting, here are your Jazz hits for 24 June 2009

  1. If you think that the Transformers movies have destroyed your childhood memories, wait until GI Joe comes out. That's going to suck.

  2. The Boozer opt-out clock is in full effect.

  3. "Andrei Kirilenko from the Utah Jazz just walked in the studio... He's one ugly dude." - via Ross Golan - He obviously didn't read this article where Masha says that her family is good-looking. AK was with Masha of course. I would love to hear Andrei lay down a hook in one of her songs (is that how it's said?)

  4. After submitting my pick yesterday and reading more articles, I don't think that anyone on any of our wish lists are going to be there at #20. But if Sam Young is still there, which he should be, that's not a bad consolation prize. And with this draft, you can't really be expecting much anyway. At least that's what I'll be telling myself.

  5. So my next idea for a t-shirt would be one that would have everyone's usernames on it. No Laker trolls would be on there. You would have tell me, probably through some form I make, whether you want your username on the shirt. You wouldn't have to buy the shirt, you'd just have to let me know if you want your name on it. The fine print on the shirt would read that you pledge your eternal soul to the Jazz and denounce all other teams so that if someone trying to get on just to photobomb the shirt would be at least a bit deterred.

    My idea for the design would use with everyone's usernames and SLCDunk in there somewhere. Any feedback for that?