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The Jazz select Eric Maynor - Fans can start liking the #3 again.


The Jazz can start liking #3.
(NBAE) The Jazz can start liking #3.

Maybe some 8+3 > 3+2 shirts?

That's Deron+Eric > Paul +Collison

I for one had no initial reaction to this pic.  I hadn't even looked into Eric Maynor because I was sure it would be Hansbrough, James Johnson, or Young.

The Jazz apparently were impressed enough by his interview two nights ago (in addition to seeing him at other workouts) to make him their pick.  Here's what Kevin O'Connor said about it:

Kevin O'Connor:
"Did we have (Maynor) on the list to say, 'Hey, we'd be happy if we got him?' Yes, we had him on that list."

He also stated in that same column that it's hard to target someone with the 20th pick.  I would add to that - especially in this year's draft.  Some were disappointed with the choice and some were ecstatic.  But outside of the top 5 picks, what other teams are expecting this year's draft class to be immediate impacts?  Who even are banking on anything more than hoping to get a solid bench player?

Everyone know that the Jazz needed someone that can play some D.  Sam Young would have filled that role.  But for whatever reason, either Young slid in the draft, and well below #20.  So either some underlying issue was there that we didn't know about or the front office simply valued Maynor more.

I thought our other need was an athletic scorer on the wing that could create his own shot.  That's why I liked Johnson.  After that though was the issue of backup PG.  Sloan has had three PGs for as long as I can remember.  The most likely scenario is the Price is re-signed and Maynor becomes the third option, maybe even taking over for Price in some cases.  I don't see Sloan letting a rookie PG be the backup.  Heck, look what it took for Deron to crack and keep his spot in the starting lineup.

My gut feeling is that he's going to turn out well.  This is from an article of him at his draft party with his family,

Apparently, it is the Salt Lake Jazz.
At 9:29 p.m., NBA commissioner David Stern made Eric Maynor's lifelong dream come true, officially announcing that the Utah Jazz had selected Maynor with the 20th pick of Thursday's draft. With Maynor tucked into his big brother's back bedroom in relative isolation, the 90 or so well-wishers spread throughout the rest of Crawford's house ignited the celebration. First came that raucous scream, then some applause, then a passionate chant of "Salt Lake City! Salt Lake City!"


"Eric just said 'No way. I'm going to a university,' " Johnson said. "He told the man, 'My grades are good enough and I'm eventually going to the NBA. So you remember my name. Because when you see Eric Maynor, you'll remember I was the little guy who told you I wasn't going to community college. I was going to a university and going to the NBA.'"

If there is any position where your talent is magnified in the Jazz system, it's the point guard.  It turns lower-level players into competent backups.  And it can turn stars into greats.  There have been those that didn't pan out.  The secret ingredient to succeeding in the Jazz system as a PG seems to be what they call a high basketball IQ.  You have to have the physical skills as well, but your decision making skills, bowstaff skills, and court vision are what's important.

And guess what has been said about Maynor?  Basketball IQ, great passing skills, court vision, passing skills.  He will succeed as a backup to Deron Williams.  Will he ever become good enough to be a starter somewhere else?  I wouldn't put it past him.

What else everyone is saying about the pick:

They Smell Like the Future: Eric Maynor " The Two Man Game
Pro-level Projections: I’ve asked Jon Nichols of to use his Box Score Prediction System (BSPS) to project career numbers for Maynor. The values given are career averages per 36 minutes, considering that per minute statistics at least partially eliminate variables such as abnormal playing time, lack of opportunity, etc. The projections are based on Maynor’s four-year career at VCU. For comparison’s sake, I’ve dug up some other players who have averaged similar numbers over their careers :




Favorite Hoops Movies
LW: Any other favorite hoops movies? EM: Above the Rim, Blue Chips, Glory Road, Love and Basketball. That's my favorite one. I just can relate to it, the way Quincy grew up, his life, all the ups and downs he went through on the way to becoming a man.

His real Twitter. This forwards from
Im a Utah Jazz nowabout 12 hours ago from Sidekick

As UtesFan89 said, let's hope this is true.
"Whether it’s No. 10 or No. 19, I don’t want to sit behind a bunch of people. I want to go somewhere where I can play and contribute."

A leader
Teams looking for a true, experienced point guard will find one in Maynor. A consummate floor general, Maynor’s poise and court vision is comparable, if not better, than any player in the draft. In addition, he’s a four-year collegian who has been in pressure situations and performed well. See: Duke, 2007, Maryland, 2008 and UCLA, 2009. As good as he is - and Maynor is very good - he’s not without shortcomings. At the top of that list is his long-range shooting ability. Although proficient from 3-point range at VCU (37-percent), his release is slow and often flat-footed. He also suffered through a February in which he shot 8-for-44 (18 percent) from 3-point land this season. Whether or not he can improve in this area will go a long way towards defining his NBA prospects.

Looking forward to playing with the Jazz.
"I’m excited about the opportunity with the Jazz," Maynor said. "Their winning tradition is a lot like VCU in that they continue to be a factor in postseason play year-in and year-out. Deron Williams is a great guard that I look forward to playing with and learning from. Coach Sloan is a legendary type of coach that has produced so many great teams. Add all of that to an incredible fan base and I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun out there."

Bill Simmons' 13th annual NBA Draft Diary - ESPN
6:26: Utah grabs my last favorite player in the draft: Eric Maynor. Why do I love him? He has been handling the rock since he was probably 2. He hasn't played a game since junior high in which the other guys didn't immediately agree, "That guy is the point guard." He's old-school. You could say he has "ownership" of that position. He's not a converted shooting guard or a long-range shooter who brings the ball up or even a short fast guy who plays point because he couldn't play anywhere else. He's a pure point. He owns it. Complete control at all times. That's why I like him. Solid pick. It's all about backups and foreign dudes from here on.