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Breaking down Carlos Boozer's interview with ESPN 1000 in Chicago

UPDATE:  Here's the audio (starts at about 1:50):



First, thanks to Ross Siler for transcribing this.  I was  going to do it myself (really!) but he got it up pretty quick.

I still can't believe Carlos is allowed to speak without some note cards or a teleprompter.  Is he purposely trying to stick it to the Jazz now?  Click on through (it's long) for Boozer's quotes and my take

Q: Do you think you'll be traded from the Jazz?

    CB: Yeah, I do. I had a talk with the Jazz and the Jazz told me they wanted to go in a different direction and I respected their decision and we mutually agreed to work out a trade that was beneficial for them as well [as] beneficial for me and my family. That being said, I'm assuming to be traded here relatively soon or in good time.

So what's he doing in Chicago right now?  Shopping for houses?  A couple of days ago it was reported that Boozer and Greg Miller spoke and Miller told him that he wasn't going to be part of the team's long-term plans.  Boozer then asks for a trade.  Yesterday, David Locke posted this on twitter:

has learned that the conversation between ESPN reported between Utah Jazz Carlos Boozer and Greg Miller NEVER took place. Yes NEVER.

So who's telling the truth?  Boozer or Locke's source?  Maybe both?  Boozer said he spoke with the "Jazz" but doesn't specifically say who.  Maybe he spoke with KOC?  I would look to see who has the most to gain from this news.  The Jazz gain nothing from this leak.

    Q: Do you believe you'll be traded to the Bulls?

    CB: I've definitely heard a lot of rumblings about it. I don't know if it'll go down or not. That's kind of between the Jazz and Chicago. But obviously if I did get traded to Chicago, I'd love to be a part of the Bulls.

Whoa.  Aren't we crossing into tampering here?  You're still under contract with the Jazz!  You can't be talking about playing with the Bulls.  Even if being traded is a foregone conclusion, I don't believe you can talk about playing for another team like this.

    Q: What's the general feeling about Bulls organization with Derrick Rose?

    CB: A great organization. Top notch from top to bottom. They do things very professionally there. At the same time, they have a very good group of talent there, and obviously Derrick Rose being the helm of that, being the Rookie of the Year last year, and having some very good talent around him. They're a good team, and if I was able to come there, I'd add a lot, especially in the low post and being a leader as well. We'll see what happens.

First off, screw you Derrick Rose!  You probably started this entire mess with your "sweep the leg" moment.  Second, enough of your self-proclaimed leader comments.  I haven't seen anything in the years he's been with the Jazz where he's displayed any kind of leadership.  You become a leader by example, not some "Black Mamba"-type self-coronation. 

Also, was that "They do things very professionally there" comment a swipe at the Jazz?

    Q: Are you open to signing an extension or dead set on being a free agent?

    CB: Oh, no, not at all. I'd definitely be open to signing an extension and being locked into a team. Obviously, one that wanted me to be there in the future, and two, one that I thought we had a chance to succeed. That'd be something that me and my agent would explore right away.

Another veiled reference to the Jazz not wanting him?

    Q: You play with a great point guard in Deron Williams. Do you see similar aspects in Derrick Rose's game?

    CB: Oh, absolutely. They're both big-body point guards. They have incredible speed and quickness. And Derrick Rose is probably one of the most athletic guards I've seen in a very, very long time. Especially at the point guard position. Maybe the most athletic guard I've seen at the point guard position. Grew up a lot during the course of the season. Had a monster playoff series, that series we all remember with Boston. But very good. A bright future. Very talented, very humble. I love his demeanor. You never see him shaken, you never see him too excited. He always has the same, kind of that Tim Duncan look, where you never know if you're up by 20 or down by 20. But very explosive player, and I see a lot of similarities in him and Deron. Very good passer, very explosive player, and he's fun to watch."

Had something here but it didn't really fit.  Seems like a pretty detailed assessment for someone who should have been putting that much work into his own teammates.

    Q: A lot of people have said Derrick needs to exert himself and be more of a leader?

    CB: Well, I haven't got the chance to play with Derrick Rose yet. (bbj:  I added the period) I think when you're as talented as he is, I think when he sees something out there he needs to let his teammates know and be a leader. I would encourage him to assert himself more as a leader because the point guard of a team is like the quarterback for our sport. As more comfortable as he becomes being the leader and point guard of the Chicago Bulls, he'll assert himself more in the leadership role.

"Well, I haven't got the chance to play with Derrick Rose yet."  Can we trade Boozer to a FIBA team?  Isn't the Greek team looking for somone?  He seems pretty set on playing for the Bulls which lessens his trade value even more.

    Q: Not only would you be an asset to the Bulls, but you might be able to recruit Dwyane Wade in 2010.

    CB: Well, me and D-Wade are very, very close. We talk quite a bit. but that's a decision he has to make with himself. And obviously if I did come to the Bulls, of course I'd want to get a D-Wade on our team and I would love to have D-Wade play with us. But at the same time D-Wade is like me, he wants to win a championship bad. If I was able to go to the Bulls and get D-Wade to come, we'd be right there at the top of the list.

So you're not even a member of the team yet and you're tampering again?  Does it matter who they've got as long as VDN is coaching there?

    Q: Is that why the Bulls are your No. 1 team, you could recruit a guy like Wade?

    CB: I would definitely recruit. Absolutely. I would recruit D-Wade. He'd be the first call I would make.

"Absolutely.  I've already talked to him about it.  He's not going to sign his extension.  He's told me he's becoming a free agent, regardless."  More tampering.

    Q: You're a 22-12 guy when on, but can we count on Carlos Boozer to play 82 games plus the playoffs?

    CB: Absolutely. I've had a couple of spells from injuries that I can't control. But my body's feeling 100 percent and I'm feeling healthy, I'm doing really well. I'm looking forward so much to next season, I have so much to prove to everybody. To play through a whole season at the same time and to dominate again, so I'm looking forward to it.

Shouldn't you be able to have at least a couple of years of being injury free before you make a statement like this?  I know he's trying to sell himself and he's not going to say anything that lowers his value (speaking about himself, not what it would do for the Jazz), but how can he speak with any kind of authority that he's going to be able to stay healthy?

    Q: Would you say the Bulls are your No. 1 destination?

    CB: We'll see what happens. I would love to be a part of the Chicago Bulls, but a lot of that lays in the Utah Jazz's hands. But we're working with them to see what they want to do. And hopefully, obviously, they want to do what's best for me as well. If it happens, I'd be very happy."

Would he be in Chicago talking to a Chicago sports radio station if it wasn't?  His whole attitude is summed up in his comments in this question.  It has always been about Boozer.  And to an extent it needs to be.  It's hard to think of playing basketball as your job.

However, his "what's best for me" has in no doubt hurt the Jazz as a team.  His comments last December and since then have shown nothing but total disregard for his teammates and the Jazz organization.  There was a rift in the locker room that was evident and that seemed to be one of the main factors for the poor and inconsistent play in the second half of the season.

I will miss Boozer's skills.  There's no question about his talent.  He will be very good for the Bulls if he ends up there.  But it takes a team to win and Boozer has no concept about anything of that nature.