Worst Purchases on the Store

Inspired by BBJ's recent news that you can purchase a Boozer replica jersey for the bargain price of $135, I did a quick search through the store to see what other bargains are out there.

Charlotte Bobcats Adam Morrison jersey: $19.97 (Orange not your thing? You can also get blue, white, and kid's sizes)

How about a Chicago Bulls Ben Wallace jersey? $19.97

Nothing says success like a Dallas Mavericks 2008 Playoffs t-shirt. $14.97. Too bad they don't have a 2007 shirt.

Denver Nuggets Allen Iverson Alternate Jersey anyone? $44.97

Not a fan of jerseys? What about a Nuggets AI "Baseline" shirt? What it doesn't show is that the shot clock is at 18 seconds, AI has three defenders on him, and Melo is sitting open on the other side of the rim. $9.97

Getting ready for a balmy Detroit winter? You need a pair of Detroit Piston Flip-flops. $12.97

Indiana Paces Jermaine O'Neal Swingman jersey. $34.97

Los Angeles Clippers Elton Brand Jersey? Too bad it doesn't come with the knife he used in Baron Davis' back. $34.97

I bet Chris Wallace would trade this Memphis Grizzlies Pau Gasol jersey for a Bucks Yi Jianlian t-shirt, and give you a first round pick. $14.97 and $9.97

Your toddler will want a 3 year, $30 million extension if you buy him this Miami Heat Infant Jersey. $16.97

Do you practice shooting at your own basket during pickup games? Then you should consider this Minnesota Timberwolves Ricky Davis jersey. $19.97

Remember those Beatles rip-off shirts Wizznuttz made? What if I told you that you could get a rip-off of that rip-off? And what if I told you Vince Carter and Mikki Moore were involved? You'd be interested right? New Jersey Nets 5-Player t-shirt. $12.97

I don't even have a joke for the New York Knicks Stephon Marbury jersey ball. I wish I did. $9.97.

Want to counter your toddler's demand for a three-year $30 million extension? A Phoenix Suns Shaquille O'Neal replica jersey will help. $19.97. (As a bonus whenever you wear it to Home Depot people will ask you where to find the nails).

Still living out the glory days of the early-to-mid 2000s? You need a Sacramento Kings Mike Bibby Alternate Jersey. $69.97 (I'll live out the glory days of 1995-1998 myself, thank you).

Wow. Really? Really? Seattle Supersonics Men's Crocs. $29.97

And, to top it all off, the very worst item on the store. This is so bad it has to be a joke created by a disgruntled web programmer. A Portland Trailblazers Zach Randolph kid's jersey. What kind of message are you sending a child when you buy this for them? "Use violence to archieve your means?" "It's okay to break someone else's orbital socket if you give a half-hearted apology through the media afterwards?" "Slack off on everything in life that isn't fun?" "As long as you get paid it doesn't matter what else you do?"

The only thing that could possibly be worse for a child than a Zach Randolph jersey would be a Seattle Supersonics Ruben Patterson jersey. Fortunately, no one at is willing to stoop to that level.

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