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The Downbeat - 14 August - The New and Improved or Jump the Shark Edition

1_medium So I went away from the FanShot version of the list. Posting this as a regular post gives me a lot that I couldn't do with the FanShot. I can write stuff up the night before and have it publish the next morning automatically. I can include real links when needed. And on rare occasion I can do a pic or video or something else. I'm going to stay with the feel of the list FanShot as much as possible. Hence my copying the number images and using them here. Let me know what you think.

Fs-2 So assuming Harp retires, our rotation is D-Will, Ronnie B, CJ?, Boozer (probably), and Memo with AK, KK, Millsap, and Ronnie P coming off the bench. We're probably going to see more of the KOOF, but will Sloan elect to go small ball instead of bringing in the KOOF to spell Memo. I'm getting pumped to NOT see Knight and Collins coming in the game.

Fs-3 What's the over/under on how many games are shown on KJZZ this year? 5?

Fs-4 Give me your predictions for Deron's stats this year. PPG, APG, FG%, and 3P%. His previous stats. While looking at those, maybe an indicator that Deron is getting a little more of the star treatment from refs is that his FTA per game has gone up each year while his fouls per game have gone down. He only averaged 2 fouls a game last year. That kind of surprised me.

Fs-5 If you could have one new feature on SLCDunk and across SBNation, what would it be?