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The Downbeat - 17 August - The 8 Is The New 3 Edition

1_mediumIf the salary cap were no issue, what is the max you would pay Deron Williams a season?

2_mediumMark my words, you have not seen the last of Jarron Collins in a Jazz uniform. He'll be a pickup after the trade deadline. He will be at the least a 10-day contract and will probably sign an option to finish out the season.

8_mediumThanks to Moneyman Memo for this idea. Having #8 instead of #3 is a stroke of genius. I think it looks pretty good.

4_mediumFrom CJ Miles last night while he and Deron were at Rodizio Grill (not The Cheesecake Factory? Weird): "I ain't gonna lie I missed Tha 801"

As long as we're on tweets, Deron had one that he's since deleted, "Is any body ready for the f$%&in' season to start?????? sorry but I am so ready!!!!!!! I can't wait......" I think it echoes everyone's sentiments exactly.

5_medium Luhmmy has an article about John Stockton's son David walking on at Gonzaga this year. Another son, Michael, plays at Westminster here in the SLC. I can't imagine having to live up to the expectations of being one of John Stockton's boys and playing basketball. Their family handles it very well though.

It seems to be the same for most pro athletes though. Being Jordan's son, John Elway's son, etc. I couldn't think of any father/son superstars. The reverse seems true too. Those that didn't have star fathers end up being better than their father. The Currys might be an example. Ronnie B will end up being better than his dad.

Karl has a couple of very athletic kids. Wonder if he's still ignoring the one?