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The Downbeat - 19 August - The Boy Boy Edition

1_medium According to Deron's updates, former Jazzman Robert Whaley's son died after being hit by a car. Whaley wasn't with the Jazz long and obivously we don't know him personally. But when something happens to a memeber of the Jazz family, you instantly feel like you do. I don't know if you can ever find real peace when something like that happens, I just hope he and his family can find comfort and get through this. Just tragic stuff.

2_medium Kind of hard to follow after that. Maybe it should have been its own post.

Let's say that the KOOF decides to play as just a mere mortal this year. What are your expectations for him (provided he gets PT)?

8_medium Who retires first, Jerry Sloan or Brett Favre?

4_medium What's your prediction for the first month of the season (Oct-Nov)? We have 17 games, 7 on the road and 10 at home (did the math for you there). A lot of easier ones at home with the exceptions of SA and Portland. I'll give us 9-1 at home. The road schedule is brutal (when isn't it for the Jazz?). I'm going to give us 1-6 on the road. So that's a 10-7 record. Man, I hope we break .500 on the road this year.

5_medium With Sloan and Stockton being inducted into the HOF soon, here's one of my favorite quotes from Jerry. This was at Stockton's retirement:

"It’s unfortunate we couldn’t keep statistics on screens. He wasn’t screening no midgets."