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The Downbeat - 20 August - The Late Late Late Edition

1_medium I'm going to have a more concerted effort to follow the Flash this year. Not only will it give me a little more to write about, but it really is a big part of the Jazz. The distance to Orem is an issue, but hopefully I'll get in a couple of games. It's funny that I start picking it up now as they might not have any Jazz players down there. Maynor will probably stay with the Jazz and Suton might not get a contract. But there could be call-ups.

2_medium Last year Ronnie B was listed as 6-7, 220. CJ Miles was 6-6, 210. I've heard that CJ has bulked up a bit this offseason (according to his tweets at least he works out all the time). Maybe @chmiles34 can confirm? I wonder who's bigger this year.

8_medium A bunch of Stockton videos over at

4_medium Stockton's rookie year basketball card. You could copy/paste his face from today and wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

5_medium Non-Jazz related item... Anyone want to comment on District 9? Seen it? Also, Avatar trailer came out. Could be a big year for sci-fi.