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The Downbeat - 24 August - The Back On Track Edition

1_medium Congratulations to Kevin O'Connor and his ten years with the Jazz. Luhm has a good recap of his career. He's gotten some flak for some of the deals and non-deals that he's done. Letting Mo Williams go is one but with Mo, we probably don't land Deron.

He gets grief for AK's max deal. At the time though, it was looking like AK was going to be the franchise player for the Jazz. I don't think they had any way of knowing that Boozer was going to become available at the time or that they would land Memo as well in the same off-season. So he may have overpaid a bit, it was reasonable to believe that AK would be the cornerstone.

My only fault with him is not trading AK two years ago for Shawn Marion, and even that I think was LHM wanting to keep him.

He's been hit or miss in the draft, but he's gotten some big steals. When you pick low in the draft each year, that's how it's going to be. But when we have picked high, he's done well. He turned the #6 pick into Deron. He's also got Ronnie B and don't forget Millsap.

Maybe we would all like to have seen some trades that make the team better, I have a hard time believing he wouldn't pull the trigger on a deal.

And if he somehow moves Boozer for anything of significance, he becomes GM of the year in my book.

2_medium We have this question from Yahoo! answers:

What shoes does Kyle Korver wear?

My answer would be, "Whatever Danielle tells him to wear."

8_medium Besides their existing endorsement deals, give me a new product/service that someone on the team should be endorsing.

4_medium Give me your predictions for CJ for PPG, FG%, and 3P%.

5_medium This might be the year where I spend a large sum of money for some good seats for a Jazz game. Since I've never sat lower than the back row of the lower bowl, any recommendations for where I should try to sit? I know it's going to cost quite a bit anywhere, but I'd like to get the most value for my buck.